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2018 Registration Is Open!

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Important Information for 2018 Season

Please check the calendar for important dates.


As we prepare for the 2018 season, please be sure to visit our site or our facebook page often to look for updates.

We will be adding coaches meetings, board meetings, registration information, etc. as we get ready for the 2018 calendar year.



Grade School Football Camp - Hosted By Sycamore High School Football

Please see the below flier for information on a great camp opportunity for kids entering 4th - 6th grade this fall.  Click on the flier to be redirected to the registration page for the camp.


SYFL Statement regarding CTE Prevention Act

Sycamore Youth Football League feels that we need to make a statement in light of some new legislation being presented this Thursday in regards to banning tackle football for kids under the age of 12 years old in the state of Illinois.

We would agree that football is a difficult and physical sport.  With that comes some risk of injury.  As an organization, what we can do is take every step possible to reduce that risk to a minimum.

Some of the steps that we have taken in the past and continue to build upon include:

- All of our coaches are USA Football Certified

- Our Conference, the NIFC, is also a compliant USA Football Conference

- We train our coaches on how to teach football in a safe manner

- While we are not required to do so, we also hire outside trainers to attend every home game that we host.  These trainers have last word on if an injured player can return to a game or not.  If the trainer says the kid is done, there is no further discussion and that player can not return to football without a doctors note clearing them for play.

- We have limited contact throughout the week at practices.  Some of our teams now have less than 30 minutes of live contact per week (outside of games)

- We have gone as far as to host events, such as an event we held a few years ago where The Sports Legacy Institute came to Sycamore and put on a presentation.  This was a very sought after event and we had attendees from across our youth football conference as well as the majority of teams across our high school football conference being represented.

- All of our equipment is certified and we send equipment out on an annual basis for reconditioning.

- We work with the school district in upholding another newer state law that addresses concussion protocol procedures.

In closing, we feel very strongly that the choice for a child to play tackle football should not be left up to a state legislature, but rather it should be left up to the child and the family of that child.

Brian Klaassens - President

Jim DuMont - VP Coaching


Our new Executive Board has been put in place for 2018.  Our new Exec board consists of:

Brian Klaassens - President

Jim DuMont - Vice President of Coaching

Rob Gibson - Vice President of Administration

Jerry Gurley - Secretary

Chris Gandy - Treasurer

We would like to thank Joe Scianna for his nine years of service to SYFL.  Joe served as a head coach and also as the league president for many years.  He gave countless hours of service to our organization and community.  Without Joe's services, we would not be the wonderful organization that we are today.  Please be sure to thank him.  In addition, we would also like to thank Steve Goldman who served as a coach, general board member and Secretary for the last eight years.

With that being said, we are getting ready for our 2018 season already.  The first item of business is to install our new General Board.  If you are interested in serving on this board, please be sure to reach out to one of the executive board members to express your interest.  We need volunteers in order to continue to grow and remain a quality organization.

Chris Gandy will be stepping down after this next year and we are also in need of someone to shadow Chris in order to take over our treasurer position next year.

In addition, if you or someone you know is interested in coaching, please have them get in touch with us. We will be interviewing coaches in late January and early February.

Bear with us as we get our website updated and prepare for some new and exciting things coming our way in 2018.

Happy Holidays to all.


Updates & News

Matthew Ranken for the Love of the Game

Award Winners


Flyweight: Logan Gibson

Lightweight: Caleb Kaelin

Middleweight: Tyler Lockhart

Heavyweight: Gable Carrick

7th/8th Grade: Connor Thorstens



Flyweight: Adam Cobos

Lightweight: Dylan Hodges

Middleweight: Joey Culotta

Heavyweight: Eli Meier

7th/8th grade: Dashon Westbrook



Flyweight: Burke Gautcher

Lightweight: Matthew Rangle

Middleweight: Kiefer Tarnoki

Heavyweight: Brayden Peet



Flyweight: Tyler Whitfield 
Lightweight: Dawson Alexander 
Middleweight: Jake O'Donnell 
Heavyweight: Carsten Menzer 


Flyweight: Zack Crawford

Lightweight: Brody Armstrong

Middleweight: Bobby Scianna

Heavyweight: Jason Hayes


Sycamore Junior Spartan Football

Philosophy and General Information

Sycamore Youth Football represents a traveling club football team that is a feeder system into our Sycamore High School.  The SYFL builds an age appropriate competitive team that is a member of the Northern Illinois Football Conference.  As a feeder program for the Sycamore High School, and under the auspices and direction/tutiledge of Sycamore High School Head Coach, Joe Ryan, the SYFL Jr. Spartans have adopted the Sycamore High School playbook.  Our coaches all undergo a National Center for Safety Institute background check, USA footbal "Heads Up Play" coaching certification, and a year round coaching program designed to highlight both the Sycamore High School football philosophy and appropriately train our coaches in practice and game management as well as player development.  Our coaches have experience ranging from new coaches to coaches with upward of 16 years experience.
Sycamore Youth Football prides itself on player development. Our kids are instructed on the basic football fundamentals with an emphasis on safe blocking and tackling techniques.  Our program plays "real football" on full sized fields with IHSA football rules.  At the youngest level coaches are allowed on the field, but as our kids progress, coaches remain on the sideline.  Each child is looked at as an individual, and their development is evaluated by a multitude of coaches to maximize their potential.
Lastly, we are a volunteer organization that depends on family support.  We encourage each family to become involved with their child and Sycamore Youth Football and Cheer.  Whether it be through coaching, cheering, chain gang, working concession or helping with the board, the boosters or a variety of events, we want to welcome you to the Sycamore Jr. Spartan family.


Our Sponsors

These fine organizations make what we do possible. Please show your support to these amazing sponsors and thank them for their commitment to our organization. Interested in becoming a sponsor? Click here to learn more about our sponsorship opportunities

Sponsored by Midwest Orthopaedic Institute

Midwest Orthopaedic Institute

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2111 Midlands Court #100, Sycamore IL
(815) 758-0000
Sponsored by Northern Illinois ENT Specialists, LTD

Northern Illinois ENT Specialists, LTD

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2127 Midlands Court Suite 203 Sycamore 


Dekalb Mechanical

339 Wurlitzer Drive Dekalb IL


Sponsored by O'Donnell Crane

O'Donnell Crane

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Sponsored by Home Zone Realty

Home Zone Realty

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902 Maple Ave 2nd Floor Downers Grove IL 60515

(630) 327-8636

Sponsored by Northern Illinois Rehab Specialists

Northern Illinois Rehab Specialists

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Sponsored by CHS Elburn

CHS Elburn

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108 North Main St, Sycamore 


Sponsored by Seymour of Sycamore, Inc

Seymour of Sycamore, Inc

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"The Inventor of Aerosol Spray Paint"

917 Crosby Avenue

Sycamore IL


Sponsored by Cortland Flooring

Cortland Flooring

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3-D Auto Repair

Sponsored by Italian Dreams

Italian Dreams

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 436 N Main St, Sycamore, IL 60178
(815) 899-0905
Sponsored by HyVee


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Sycamore VFW Post 5768

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121 S California St, Sycamore, IL 60178
(815) 895-2931
Sponsored by Paulsen Appliance and Electronics

Paulsen Appliance and Electronics

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245 W. State St, Sycamore

Dr. Curtis

124 N California St, Sycamore, IL 60178
(815) 895-7660
Sponsored by MedAlliance


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Sponsored by Jim DuMont Baird and Warner

Jim DuMont Baird and Warner

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Sponsored by Hobnobbers


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Located on the corner of Peace/Plank road  and Main St  (RT 23) Sycamore


Sponsored by K Hoving

K Hoving

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Sponsored by Sycamore Wrestling Club

Sycamore Wrestling Club

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Cortland Animal Hospital

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13669 IL Rte 38, Dekalb

Thanks Dr. Askew

Ollie's Frozen Custard

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2290 Oakland Dr, Sycamore, IL 60178
(815) 758-8222
Ranken helmet element view

Matthew Ranken Memorial Fund

Buffalo Wild Wings Sycamore

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2466 Sycamore Rd,  DeKalb, IL 60115
(815) 754-9299