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Sycamore Youth Football & Cheer Code of Conduct

In order to ensure the principles of sportsmanship, fair play, skill development and respect for all participants SYFC has established a code of conduct that we expect all of our parents and their guests to adhere to:

I agree to the fee schedule listed in the registration form which includes a registration fee and a raffle ticket fee.

I understand that the equipment including game jersey and cheer uniform are the property of the SYFC and a retainer check will be provided.

I understand that my primary responsibility is to foster a healthy, pleasant and safe environment for children participating in SYFC.

I and my guests will be a positive role model for my team and players.

I or my guests will never use obscene language or gestures at any SYFC event.

I or my guests will not be physically intimidating to any player, coach, fellow parent or referee.

I fully understand that the game of football should be a fun, rewarding and positive learning experience for all participants.

I and my guests promise to be respectful of all children, parents, spectators, officials and any other participants involved in any SYFC event.

I agree to help facilitate a positive atmosphere for the participants of SYFC.

I understand if I or my guests fail to comply with the guidelines established by the SYFC Executive Board, I may be removed from the practice, game or event without warning.

I or my guests will not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol at any SYFC game or practice.

I agree to volunteer at least once at a single SYFC event. This may include concessions, chain gang or another to be determined SYFC event.

I agree to respect the boundaries of both the practice and the game fields and that only coaches, SYFC representatives, NIFC representatives, referees and other designated personnel are allowed on the field unless otherwise instructed.

Shawna Krenz

President of Cheer

Phone: (815)217-6989

Min Kim


Phone: 630-992-1207


Hobnobbers has been a HUGE supporter of SYFC since they first opened for business.  All of our past trophies are proudly displayed at the restaurant.  Please be sure to patronize their business. 

Matthew Ranken for the Love of the Game

Award Winners


Flyweight: Xavier Delgado

Lightweight: Ryan McCoy

Middleweight: Teddy Lucas

Heavyweight: Tyler Grimm


Flyweight: Logan Gibson

Lightweight: Caleb Kaelin

Middleweight: Tyler Lockhart

Heavyweight: Gable Carrick

7th/8th Grade: Connor Thorstens


Flyweight: Adam Cobos

Lightweight: Dylan Hodges

Middleweight: Joey Culotta

Heavyweight: Eli Meier

7th/8th grade: Dashon Westbrook


Flyweight: Burke Gautcher

Lightweight: Matthew Rangle

Middleweight: Kiefer Tarnoki

Heavyweight: Brayden Peet


Flyweight: Tyler Whitfield 

Lightweight: Dawson Alexander 

Middleweight: Jake O'Donnell 

Heavyweight: Carsten Menzer 


Flyweight: Zack Crawford

Lightweight: Brody Armstrong

Middleweight: Bobby Scianna

Heavyweight: Jason Hayes