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Coaches and Volunteers Needed

Sycamore Youth Football and Cheer is only as strong as its volunteers!


Important Information for 2017 Season

Please check the calendar for important dates.


The 2017 season is here.

Anyone not fitted for equipment will need to work with their head coach to get fitted during the first week of practice.

No player can practice on July 31 without a sports physical.  No player can play in a game without a copy of the birth certificate.

Head coaches of football and cheer should have reached out to all teams and cheer by this time.

First practice is July 31 from 530-730.  Practice for the first 2-3 weeks will be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Ages 6-10 will practice at North Grove. Ages 11 and older will practice at South East.  Cheer will practice at the Park District (by the concession area unless otherwise instructed by Jen Clawsons).

Please check the website and your team pages for team specific information.  Head Coaches will have access to enter information and data on their sites.

Registration is still open.  Please encourage players, friends and families to register.


Thank you from Joe Scianna

I wanted to thank all of you for a terrific 2017 season.   I am proud of all the team's performances in football and cheer this year.

I would like to thank all of the volunteers and coaches with special mention of Jim DuMont and Tracy Bode who do a tremendous amount of work for our league. Thanks too to Steve, BK, Jerry and Chris for all of the support. Jen Clawsons you are a saint for driving the cheer program to where it is today. There are dozens of others that help make this league possible, and have made my life easier and they all deserve a round of applause for their hard work.

I would like to end by thanking the countless families I have encountered over the last 10 years as a member of this league.  But no family deserves as much thanks as my own.  From my wife Molly, to my daughter, Lindsay, son Bobby, and my own Mom and Dad.  They have donated much of their life to this league and have shared me with this league for a long time.

I am now stepping down as SYFL President.  It truly has been a journey and an honor. The SYFL will need your help and your support and the new president and board will need all of the positive attitude that I have received throughout the years.  The current Board will be wrapping up the 2017 season and we will be establishing a new board for 2018.  I will let the new group introduce themselves as they are chosen. I hope that I have had as positive of an impact onto this league and this community as you all have impacted me.

Thanks again Sycamore community.

God bless.

Joe Scianna

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Concussion Protocol

Parents and Coaches: Please be aware that for ANY player that is removed from a game due to concussion or suspected concussion, that said player must have a release from a physician or trainer prior to returning to practice or game. Players can see their primary care physician, urgent care or a trainer (Olympia Chiropractic is the trainer group that is contracted with SYFL). This is a 100% compliance rule. If, and only if, there was a certified trainer that released a player AT the time of injury, can said player return immediately. COACHES are not allowed to release a player back to the field with a suspected concussion.


From our latest board meeting I wanted to provide an update on league plans.

1. Olympia Chiropractic and Physical Therapy will be contracted to provide a certified Athletic Trainer at all home games.

2. Please remember to be respectful to all referees, coaches and opposing fans at all games.

3. Please check your team page and with your head coach for regular updates.



Coaching in the SYFL

Each year we receive a number of inquiries regarding becoming a head or assistant coach for either football or cheer.  

For both football and cheer all requests to coach can be sent to the Brian Klaasens at The coaching requests will then be distributed  from there.

From a football standpoint, head coaches are chosen from those who volunteer to head coach.  We ideally have coaches assume the head coach role after having at least coached one year as an assistant.  At the youngest levels, that is not always possible. Head coach candidates are required to meet with the Executive Board and Director of Coaching , Brian Klaassens and review the requirements for head coaching.  If multiple candidates exist for a head coaching position, the Executive Board votes on the applicants.  The Executive Board attempts to make head coaching decisions as early as possible (January/February) so that head coaches can proceed through the off season training program directed at improving organization, practice planning, game planning, playbook development and player development.  Head coaches are required to attend ALL of our off season meetings. 

From a cheer standpoint, there is a combination of cheer directors and coaches who work with a variety of cheer moms or dads to coordinate the cheer program and schedule with the football schedule and team travel.  There are two divisions of cheer, competitive and non-competitive.  Both divisions are overseen by Jen Clawsons, Cheer Director, and appropriate coaching is provided to the different levels of interest, although there is significant crossover of coaching and teams at practice.

All coaches are required to undergo a National Safety Initiative background screening process.  All football coaches are required to become certified through the USA football clinic which includes the heads up program.  The cheer coaches go through an equivalent training program through their organization.  All coaches are provided an educational session on basic first aid, disaster training, and advanced topics such as heat stroke and concussion.

Each year, the Executive Board meets to discuss coaching advancement and how to improve the coaching process.  This year our prime initiatives include improvement in the practice plan process, organizational process and adaptation of drills to correspond to the appropriate age groups. 

In summary, the SYFL is dedicated to improvement every year.  The SYFL will only be as successful as the coaches that volunteer.  We encourage you to volunteer to coach and help lead our program.  Our league will provide you and your participants the best opportunities to have a growing, successful team and players. 

Sycamore Youth Football Jr. Spartans

Philosophy and General Information

Sycamore Youth Football represents a traveling club football team that is a feeder system into our Sycamore High School.  The SYFL builds an age appropriate competitive team that is a member of the Northern Illinois Football Conference.  As a feeder program for the Sycamore High School, and under the auspices and direction/tutiledge of Sycamore High School Head Coach, Joe Ryan, the SYFL Jr. Spartans have adopted the Sycamore High School playbook.  Our coaches all undergo a National Center for Safety Institute background check, USA footbal "Heads Up Play" coaching certification, and a year round coaching program designed to highlight both the Sycamore High School football philosophy and appropriately train our coaches in practice and game management as well as player development.  Our coaches have experience ranging from new coaches to coaches with upward of 16 years experience.
Sycamore Youth Football prides itself on player development. Our kids are instructed on the basic football fundamentals with an emphasis on safe blocking and tackling techniques.  Our program plays "real football" on full sized fields with IHSA football rules.  At the youngest level coaches are allowed on the field, but as our kids progress, coaches remain on the sideline.  Each child is looked at as an individual, and their development is evaluated by a multitude of coaches to maximize their potential.
Lastly, we are a volunteer organization that depends on family support.  We encourage each family to become involved with their child and Sycamore Youth Football and Cheer.  Whether it be through coaching, cheering, chain gang, working concession or helping with the board, the boosters or a variety of events, we want to welcome you to the Sycamore Jr. Spartan family.
Sycamore Youth Football is a member of the Northern Illinois Football Conference.  We currently have 6 levels of teams:  6 year old instructional, non contact football introduction, Fly weight (7 and 8 year olds), Light Weight (9 year olds), Middle Weight (10 year olds), Heavy Weight (11/12 year olds) and 7th/8th grade club football.  Each division has some rules that are unique and we adivse you to link to for rule information.  Weight restrictions for each level for maximum allowed weights and ball carrying weights do change from year to year.  There will be an updated weight listed once approved by the NIFC. Our goal is to limit teams to no more than 28 player per team to maximize playing time and create a profitable coach to player ratio.  


Practice schedule: 

Our first practice is Monday July 31st. For the first 3 weeks of practice we practice Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. After the first three weeks we will move to Monday, Tuesday and Thursday for the remainder of the year. In compliance with evolving IHSA guidelines on practice, our first practice will be just shorts and t-shirts. At our second and third practices, helmets and shoulder pads will be worn.  Remember NO helmet can be worn without a mouth piece or chin guard. Our fourth practice will be the first practice in full gear.

Our practices start at 5:30 and generally conclude at 7:30. The first few practices often end slightly closer to 7 pm. We practice in July/August which are some of the hottest days of the year. Our graduated practice schedule is meant to acclimate the players to practicing in the heat. Quite simply dehydration can be a problem. Players cannot "become" hydrated at practice. Proper hydration occurs at home, after practices and throughout the day prior to practice. Bringing a player to practice who has been out at the pool all day long and improperly hydrated is a danger to your child. Please weigh your child at the start of the seasons practices and insure that any "water weight" that is lost after a practice is replenished. Dehydration or heat stroke can be serious and even result in death. As an organization we take this issue very seriously, and implore you as a parent to take it equally seriously. 

Game jerseys will be distributed at our "Jersey Day," a cook out on our game field: the Sycamore Middle School. More information will be provided by your coach.

We look forward to the start of the season. 


Matthew Ranken for the Love of the Game

Award Winners


Flyweight: Adam Cobos

Lightweight: Dylan Hodges

Middleweight: Joey Culotta

Heavyweight: Eli Meier

7th/8th grade: Dashon Westbrook



Flyweight: Burke Gautcher

Lightweight: Matthew Rangle

Middleweight: Kiefer Tarnoki

Heavyweight: Brayden Peet



Flyweight: Tyler Whitfield 
Lightweight: Dawson Alexander 
Middleweight: Jake O'Donnell 
Heavyweight: Carsten Menzer 


Flyweight: Zack Crawford

Lightweight: Brody Armstrong

Middleweight: Bobby Scianna

Heavyweight: Jason Hayes


Brian Klaassens

Sycamore Youth Football

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